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Package structure

Delivery Package includes the following items:
  1. SMIP Twitter Authorization Tool
SMIP Twitter Authorization Tool allows to authorize the Social Media Integration Pack on the and to get unique keys for Orchestrator Social Media Integration Pack configuration.
  1. Integration Pack
Integration Pack allows to create Activities in the Orchestrator Runbook Designer and to use these Activities for working with Tweets from


Please read detailed installation and initial configuration steps in User's Guide

Package Details

Integration Package includes the following Orchestrator Activities:

“Tweet!” activity

This activity posts tweet on behalf of specific user provided in configuration.
Input parameters are:
  • Tweet Text
After running the Tweet Activity the tweet will be posted on the

“Get Tweets” activity

This activity returns top N posts by specific search model
Input parameters are:
  • Search condition
  • Attempts – maximum amount of retries to get answer from server
  • Optional filtering:
    • Author – Text field
    • Filter – Text field
"Home" search condition returns the 200 most recent statuses from Home page, including retweets if they exist; posted by the authenticating user and users they follow.
"Public" search condition returns the 20 most recent statuses, including retweets if they exist, from non-protected users
In addition you can filter your search results by Author of Tweets or any other Text in the Tweets using field Filter.
Published Data are:
  • Tweets structure which includes the following data: Tweet Author, Tweet date and time, Tweet Text

“Twitter Monitor” activity

This activity is a monitor activity which is initiated when some event happens with associated Twitter profile (e.g. some posts from followed persons). Twitter profile is associated via configuration (like for other activities here).
Search conditions for “Twitter Monitor” activity are the same as for “Get Tweets” activity
As an example of using “Twitter Monitor” activity can be the following short scenario:
When some post from specified person appears it can be written to Event Log.
Published Data are:
  • Tweets structure which includes the following data:
    • Tweet Author
    • Tweet date and time
    • Tweet Text

Please read more details in User's Guide

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