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We are glad to announce that Twitter API 1.1 is finally supported

Project Description
 This new revolution VIAcode Integration Package for System Center Orchestrator 2012 introduces social media capabilities for IT automation scenarios! For now we offer you Yammer and Twitter activities which allow you to post tweets and perform tweets search with specific criteria!

Add more fun and life to your enterprise communications! You can allow your employees to interact with your IT services or IT department via they favorite micro-blog engine or invent your own crazy scenarios which offer another unusual cases of social media experience in IT.

As we all know one picture worth thousands words - that's why we also prepared some comics for you which explains how you can improve your IT experience with Social Media Integration Pack. Below you can find the first part of this story...You can also get PDF of this and upcoming stories in Download and Documentation sections.

The first story about Social Media Integration Pack - "Follow your server!" (click to see larger image)

Social Media Integration Pack Screenshots:


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